• The mission of this collection was to design garments that represent Bavlnka Brand and re-introduce myself as a designer for the first time in five years, since releasing my first collection.
    My design process is very intuitive: I collaborate with and find inspiration from my materials. I consider the techniques I want to showcase, as well as what I envision the end use will be. With sustainability at the forefront, thinking about functionality and the longevity of the garment is vital.
  • I love the process of transformation and am driven by my desire to make something functional, useful, and aesthetically beautiful. I’m constantly asking myself, how can I transform this into something that’s beautiful and interesting while still maintaining the integrity of the textile and the end use, which is to be worn, and worn well. With that, I give you the Spring Summer 2023 Bavlnka Brand Capsule collection featuring dresses, rompers, layering pieces, jewelry and silk scarves.