100% Cotton Raglan Wrap Top - Bavlnka Brand

A Note from the Founder

Conceived out of a desire to create something completely on my own, the dream of Bavlnka Brand simmered for years. I would have brief conversations with trusted friends and family about my vision, and one day I finally decided it was time to dive in. After launching the brand, I spent several years focusing on refining my techniques, which allowed me the freedom to experiment with different methods, products, and services. 

Today, Bavlnka Brand is a company where I can express my mission as a designer—to help people create a meaningful connection with their wardrobe while contributing to a more sustainable future. I enjoy the aspects of working directly with a client to make their unique wardrobe dreams come true by way of alterations, repairs, responsibly-made clothing, and accessories. I thrive on limitless possibilities within the confines of the mission to be environmentally conscious and responsible.  

Thank you for being here. Thank you for opening your mind to this new, yet also time-honored approach, to fashion. I consider it a great gift to be able to do this work. 

Laura Bavlnka